AMI Applications


FracCommand is designed to provide the integral information necessary to help operators increase safety, lessen maintenance costs and reduce downtime. It is a highly configurable hardware and software control and data management platform that can direct the entire frac spread from centralized DVCommand software.

This suite has an extensive software library to enables integration of existing controls and easy setup of FracCommand Suite controls – including BlenderLink, ChemLink, HydrationLink and PumpLink – that connect automatically to DVCommand. The system is adaptable for the entire fleet or for existing equipment that needs to be upgraded. Additionally, it can be pre-installed on new equipment to accommodate a step-add approach as fleets are upgraded.


Another AMI smart technology to easily manage chemical concentrations in up to up to 11 pumps, ChemLink is a control system from a truck or a data van using DVCommand. All chemical operations can be automated, as specified on the frac schedule entered in the data van, or switched to manual operation on the ChemLink control unit. It monitors input and outputs for the following: suction rate, turbine or magnetic flow meter (frequency input); hydraulic pressure; up to 11 chemical add rates; and transfer.

Like all of our controls, ChemLink is plug-and-play. Once connected to FracCommand’s proprietary TCP/IP network, ChemLink controls are automatically recognized providing easy setup on the job site.

ChemLink features volume totalizers and the fluid rate can either be acquired from a sensor or entered manually. It can capture diagnostic trouble codes from the engine and transmission, as well as provide a serial output data stream.


All the information to effectively manage your equipment assets and operations at a frac site can be delivered from a centralized location in the data van through DVCommand – the nucleus of our AMI platform that monitors, controls and displays the entire frac process.

The system works with any existing data van or with a customized solution from our NRG Pressure Pumping Technologies. Centralized control includes powerful data acquisition and monitoring, comprehensive and flexible data displays and logging, as well as an alarm and real-time reporting. While each vehicle maintains its own configuration data, DVCommand provides one central place to easily access and modify the configuration of any vehicle.

It uses two control applications to relay information: the treater and Multi-Pump Controller (MPC).


The AMI DVCommand treater application is a comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly system to remotely run scheduled frac jobs so you can enhance productivity. It collects data from mixing equipment and runs a schedule for all connected equipment to mix slurry through each job phase. The treater application supports rig ups with multiple blender, chemical and hydration units per job – including seamless switchover to backup units if needed.

The DVCommand treater allows remote monitoring of the pump and maintenance status. Data viewing is exceptional with access to raw data logged during the frac job and the ability to save all channel data to .csv files. Its intuitive interface allows easy capture of annotations and screenshots.

Multi-Pump Controller

The DVCommand Multi-Pump Controller (MPC) application is the complete solution for safe and reliable automated pump control of up to 32 pumps. PumpLink, our pump control system designed to configure to any pump or transmission in the industry, automatically connects to MPC to remotely control all pumping equipment through each job stage.

The MPC is accessed through system and allows remote monitoring of the pump and maintenance status. Our dedicated customer service teams are there to help from commissioning and training, to implementation and field support.

MPC also offers these additional functions:

  • Provides access to the raw data logged during a frac job
  • Allows setting of parameters for saving channel data to .csv files
  • Uses intuitive interface to capture annotations and screenshots of channel data


HydrationLink is a system for the hydration unit that gives the operator full control of five chemical-add pumps automatically. It can be accessed from the truck or data van using DVCommand. Each chemical has a closed-loop control based on the blender suction fluid rate and required concentration. It also controls automatic tub levels. As with most AFG technologies, customized versions are available.


BlenderLink is our blender control system to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired slurry mix for your frac job. It manages all blender-related data in real time and provides historical data for all post-job analytics. BlenderLink also includes system wide monitoring, alarm management and configuration of any vehicle from a centralized location. With its responsive control both locally and remotely, you can quickly achieve specified concentrations and improve job efficiency.

In local control, the operator uses a local touch-screen display to manipulate each of the control parameters. In remote mode, the blender is controlled by screens centrally located in the data van. In auto mode, the system controls the desired parameters through the use of PID control loops. All proppant augers, liquid adds and dry adds are available through both manual and auto control.

BlenderLink enables:

  • Responsive tub leveling with automated suction pump PID control
  • Densitometer calibration support for Vega, ThermoFisher and Berthold densitometers
  • Ability to capture, filter, display, log, report and reset engine and transmission diagnostic trouble codes
  • Automatic setting of the auger speed to match the flow rate once the concentration setpoint is entered into the system


The next-generation platform for data van software, AMIFrax offers flexible data viewing for on-site supervisors and engineers. The system is compatible with AMI analytics and provides information and predictive maintenance to improve operational efficiencies including raw data logged during the frac job and detailed well bore diagram. The operator can also set parameters for CSV job data, customize and adjust screen layouts and capture annotations and screenshots of channel data.

HydrationLink monitors the following inputs:

Additional features of HydrationLink are:

AMI Analytics

Frac site control can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our AMA Analytics, a cloud-based web application that connects to your frac site. With real-time tracking, configurable alerts and predictive analytics, you can easily and efficiently manage frac fleet operations and equipment maintenance.

AMI analytics makes management of pressure pumping operations easy with access to all the information you need including: equipment maintenance data, customized alerts, real-time job monitoring, downtime tracking, detail reports, predictive analytics and compatibility with AFGlobal’s revolutionary pressure pumping technology.