Multi-Pump Controller

The DVCommand Multi-Pump Controller (MPC) application is the complete solution for safe and reliable pump control. PumpLink, as well as other third-party control systems automatically connects to the MPC. Pumps can be controlled individually or within groups. Pump groups enable the operator to control the pumps with greater ease and efficiency.

Features include:

  • Automated control of up to 32 pumps with individual, group, E-stop, and neutral idle algorithms
  • Data available via AMI analytics enables remote monitoring of equipment and maintenance statuses
  • Data viewing capability provides access to the raw data logged during the frac job
  • Logging CSV job data enables setting the parameters for saving channel data to .csv files
  • Graphing for intuitive interface captures annotations and screenshots of channel data
  • Diagnostics view to engine and transmission diagnostics and events
  • Pressure limiting pump rate control maximizes rate while limiting treatment pressure
  • CAT PEMS (Pump Electronic Monitoring System) compatible – display for leak and cavitation status as well as notification of pump diagnostics and events
  • Engine idle management support to reduce fuel consumption during idle times
  • Pressure test capabilities for third party test, including CAT automated stall test mode supported
  • ZF line test mode supported