AMI Applications

AMI Controls & Analytics (also known as Advanced Measurements) has been building high quality and reliable controls since 1989. With more than 1,500 control system deployments in over 10 countries, our AMI products reliably perform in the harshest of field conditions. Over time, we have expanded beyond controls to providing monitoring and operations, from the safety of the data van, as well as from the office using our AMI analytics suite, a cloud-based solution.

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of control and analytic technologies to effectively manage your field operations.


FracCommand is AMI’s complete end-to-end suite of hydraulic frac hardware controls and automation software that reliably delivers frac job results for our customers—on time and as specified.

Our FracCommand suite excels by using data points from across the frac spread that are reliably collected, automated, analyzed, integrated and reported. This highly configurable hardware and software control and data management platform can control the entire frac spread from our centralized DVCommand software. Customers can adapt FracCommand controls for an entire fleet for existing equipment that needs to be upgraded or for new equipment builds. Additionally, our FracCommand platform can be pre-installed on new equipment, adding immediate value as fleets are upgraded.


Another AMI smart technology to easily manage chemical concentrations in up to up to 11 pumps, ChemLink is a control system from a truck or a data van using DVCommand. All chemical operations can be automated, as specified on the frac schedule entered in the data van, or switched to manual operation on the ChemLink control unit. It monitors input and outputs for the following: suction rate, turbine or magnetic flow meter (frequency input); hydraulic pressure; up to 11 chemical add rates; and transfer.

Like all of our controls, ChemLink is plug-and-play. Once connected to FracCommand’s proprietary TCP/IP network, ChemLink controls are automatically recognized providing easy setup on the job site.

ChemLink features volume totalizers and the fluid rate can either be acquired from a sensor or entered manually. It can capture diagnostic trouble codes from the engine and transmission, as well as provide a serial output data stream.


The DVCommand treater and MPC applications control, monitor, and display the entire frac process—including water, proppant, chemicals, flow rate, pressure, and more—all from a centralized location in the data van.

Whether operators are building their own data vans or purchasing from one of our OEM partners, we can help ensure an optimal DVCommand configuration that provides centralized control of all FracCommand equipment in the frac spread while retaining the option of local equipment control.

The DVCommand offer powerful data acquisition and monitoring of equipment information, pressures, rates and more—including thousands of channels of data.

Other features include:

  • Comprehensive and flexible data displays and logging
  • Centralized monitoring, alarming, and real-time reporting
  • Easy access to modify the configuration of any unit, while each unit maintains its own configuration data
  • Each unit logs its own data, while DVCommand provides the ability to log this data redundantly in the data van
  • Supports multiple monitors for displays with easy setup
  • Dedicated customer service through installation, commissioning, training, and field support


The DVCommand treater application is a comprehensive, integrated system for remotely running scheduled frac jobs. The treater collects data from the mixing equipment and runs a schedule for all connected equipment to mix slurry throughout each job phase. Our treater includes support for rig-ups with multiple blenders, chem add units, and hydration units per job including seamless switchover to backup units, if needed.

Optimize productivity with the ability to control, monitor, and display the entire process (water, proppant, chemicals, flow rate, pressure, and more) from a remote, central location.

Features include:

  • Job scheduler – to set up and run a scheduled frac job for all connected equipment
  • Densitometer calibration support – provides support for calibrating Vega, ThermoFisher, and Berthold densitometers
  • Data available via AMI analytics – enables remote monitoring of equipment and maintenance status
  • Data viewing – provides access to the raw data logged during the frac job
  • Logging CSV job data – enables setting the parameters for saving channel data to .csv files
  • Graphing – for intuitive interface captures annotations and screenshots of channel data


The DVCommand Multi-Pump Controller (MPC) application is the complete solution for safe and reliable pump control. PumpLink, as well as other third-party control systems automatically connects to the MPC. Pumps can be controlled individually or within groups. Pump groups enable the operator to control the pumps with greater ease and efficiency.

Features include:

  • Automated control of up to 32 pumps with individual, group, E-stop, and neutral idle algorithms
  • Data available via AMI analytics enables remote monitoring of equipment and maintenance statuses
  • Data viewing capability provides access to the raw data logged during the frac job
  • Logging CSV job data enables setting the parameters for saving channel data to .csv files
  • Graphing for intuitive interface captures annotations and screenshots of channel data
  • Diagnostics view to engine and transmission diagnostics and events
  • Pressure limiting pump rate control maximizes rate while limiting treatment pressure
  • CAT PEMS (Pump Electronic Monitoring System) compatible – display for leak and cavitation status as well as notification of pump diagnostics and events
  • Engine idle management support to reduce fuel consumption during idle times
  • Pressure test capabilities for third party test, including CAT automated stall test mode supported
  • ZF line test mode supported


HydrationLink is a system for the hydration unit that gives the operator full control of five chemical-add pumps automatically. It can be accessed from the truck or data van using DVCommand. Each chemical has a closed-loop control based on the blender suction fluid rate and required concentration. It also controls automatic tub levels. As with most AFG technologies, customized versions are available.


BlenderLink is a blender control system designed to improve job efficiency through accurate and quick achievement of desired slurry mixes on a well stimulation job.

Operators are equipped with both local and remote responsive controls that support rapid attainment of specified concentrations. In local control, the operator can manipulate each of the control parameters directly from the blender panel. In remote mode, the blender is controlled by from screens centrally located in the data van. In auto mode, the system controls the desired parameters using PID control loops.


Automated and Manual schedule control

  • Auto and manual concentration control of liquid additive chemicals, dry add chemicals, and proppant
  • Responsive tub leveling through automated suction pump PID control
  • Volume totalizers for each step and stage of the job
  • Redundant touch screen display at the blender to allows for easy viewing of data and control

Engine and Transmission Control

  • Manual control of hydraulic and discharge engine with optional software-driven discharge transmission control
  • Real-time engine and transmission diagnostic reporting provides up to date information on the state of the equipment
  • Diagnostics trouble codes can be captured, filtered, displayed, logged and reset

Densitometer Calibration

  • Densitometer calibration support; provides support for calibrating Vega, ThermoFisher, and Berthold densitometers

Fan Control

  • Options for proportional or discrete fan control
  • Automated proportional fan control to keep temperature parameters within optimal operating temperature
  • Automated discrete fan control to prevent control temperature from exceeding max temperature

Advanced Greaser

  • Advanced greaser available with configurable timer cycles to prevent over greasing

Serial Data IO

  • Serial IO data streaming is configurable to share rates and emulate third-party output data


AMIFrax is the next generation platform for data van software, offering flexible data viewing for on-site supervisors and engineers. The screens content is not only customizable but also offers multiple resizable screens to create the required layouts for your jobs.


  • Data viewing
    • Provides access to the data logged during the frac job
  • Wellbore diagram
    • Provides a detailed view of the well bore, which enables you to select appropriate equipment and operating procedures
  • Integrates with DVCommand
    • Collects information, which is centralized at the data van
  • CSV job data
    • Allows you to set parameters for logging channel data to .csv files
  • Configurable, multi-screen layouts
    • Allows you to customize and adjust screen layouts
  • Graphing
    • Capture annotations and screenshots of channel data

AMI Analytics

Frac site control can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our AMA Analytics, a cloud-based web application that connects to your frac site. With real-time tracking, configurable alerts and predictive analytics, you can easily and efficiently manage frac fleet operations and equipment maintenance.

AMI analytics makes management of pressure pumping operations easy with access to all the information you need including: equipment maintenance data, customized alerts, real-time job monitoring, downtime tracking, detail reports, predictive analytics and compatibility with AFGlobal’s revolutionary pressure pumping technology.


The PumpLink is a pressure pump control system designed to improve your operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. Empower your field personnel by equipping them with comprehensive job information and the ability to monitor and control pumps both locally and remotely. PumpLink provides control of pumps with automated, real-time, and historical data on pump performance. Multi-language and multi-unit options are available for international operations.


Engine and Transmission Control

  • Local and Remote control of the engine and transmission
  • Supports J1939 and Analog control
  • Auto-warmup option to bring engine up to operating temp on startup
  • Overspeed-testing for air inlet shutoff
  • Cummins Regen compatible

Maintenance Reporting

  • The sensor data can predict service levels based on real wear-and-tear calculations, you can rely on maintenance reports that decrease downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance hour logging and reporting
  • Real-time diagnostic reporting from the engine and transmission will provide you with up to date information on the state of your equipment. Supporting J1939 and J2012 diagnostics
  • Diagnostics trouble codes can be captured, filtered, displayed logged and reset

Safety, reliably, and consistently.

  • Over-pressure kickout monitoring via both well-head individual discharge pump pressures send pump to a neutral idle state
  • Instant Idle based on channel alarms prevent unsafe operating condition that could cause injury or damage
  • Pump Strobe indication when pump is in a forward gear

Engine Idle Management

  • Reduces fuel consumption by detecting excessive idle time
  • Notifies operator and shuts down engine automatically

Automated Greaser

  • On and Off cycle options including timer, pump cycles or greaser cycles
  • High pressure detection and shutoff
  • Low grease alarm

Boost Pump Control

  • Boost pump control available from both the pump HMI screen as well as from MPC in the data van

Fan Control

  • Multi-temperature control
  • Automated proportional fan control to keep engine at optimal operating temperature

AFEX Fire Detection/Suppression Support

  • Provides notification of detected fires to the pump HMI and MPC operator
  • Allows option to activate fire suppression system from both the pump enclosure and from the MPC in the data van

Cat DGB (Dynamic Gas Blending)

  • Automatically enabled DGB mode and requests a gas substitution of up to 85%, so that the engine can operated at an optimal diesel and natural gas blend.
  • Allows you unit to run with operational fuel efficiency and cost savings.
  • Available for both Tier 2 and Tier 4 Cat engines

CAT EIRS (Engine Idle Reduction System)

  • Detects the EIRS state and notifies user of pending engine shutdown and startup events
  • Allows for shutdown and startup overrides
  • Auto shutdown to preserve fuel during idle times
  • Auto engine start to maintain optimal system temperatures and battery voltage

CAT DTOC (Dynamic Transmission Output Control)

  • Interfaces with CAT ASTM (Automated Stall Test Mode) for performing automated pressure tests
  • Interfaces with CAT ASC (Automated Speed Control) to allow operator to automatically control flow rate
  • ACS with economy mode optimizes fuel efficiency

CAT PEMS (Pump Electronic Monitoring System)

  • Interfaces with the PEMS add on product
  • Monitor and view of pump data and diagnostics