Horizontal connection systems

Our Retlock® clamp connector is the central building block for each of our diverless horizontal connections. A two-bolt clamp able to connect mono- and multi-bore, it is suitable not just for vertical and horizontal applications – but also any angle off the vertical that is required. A compact, lightweight design with continual leak-monitoring system, it has been proven effective in more than 1,600 offshore applications.

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Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector

The latest diverless technology—the SDDC—can improve safety and achieve a 20% cost reduction for subsea pipeline installation with AFGlobal’s diverless technologies. Our work on a project offshore Malaysia uses the Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector (SDDC) that transforms subsea installations of step-out wells and tie-in systems – making them easier and less risky. Connected by engineered Retlock® clamp technology, SDDC removes the need for critical path diver operations. It delivers significant savings compared to conventional diver-installed pipelines in both deepwater and shallow water applications. Specify our SDDC disruptive technology for a cost-effective solution with enhanced safety.

Diverless Maintained Clusters (DMaC)

Flowline Type Connector (FTC)