AFGlobal Launches Energy Solutions Offering

HOUSTON, TX, January 22, 2019 — AFGlobal announced today the launch of its Energy Solutions group to address the power needs of oil and gas and industrial customers. With a growing focus on industrial energy efficiency and mobilization, this business segment will service these markets with sustainable energy solutions.

AFGlobal’s Energy Solutions encompass three technology focus areas, including:

Power Systems offering customizable power solutions for both oil and gas and industrial applications. Providing onsite power and in-field electric grid infrastructure capacity transforming production gases into a continuous energy source across the life cycle of a well.  Applications include powering all-electric hydraulic fracturing fleets, including AFGlobal’s revolutionary new DuraStim® product and all power requirements during the life of the well.

Environmental Solutions, featuring AFGlobal’s AiremTM technology that efficiently removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using a gas turbine system fitted with a uniquely-designed combustion chamber. With a wide range of fuel options, Airem efficiently destroys regulated VOC air emissions while cogenerating high quality electric power and thermal energy for a range of industries.

Gas Compression Systems that combine the latest technology to give customers an edge in production reliability. AFGlobal is focused on providing real-time solutions for conventional, electrically driven systems and environmentally sensitive applications.

“We will build upon our extensive OEM experience to develop and commercialize technologies on the leading edge of sustainable energy transformation,” commented Rob Marchitello, President, Energy Solutions for AFGlobal. “Our innovations have evolved towards efforts creating increasingly efficient mobilization.”

The products and services offered within the Energy Solution group will be manufactured at our facility in southern Louisiana, with global deployment.

AFGlobal is a leading manufacturer and service provider of complex components, systems and environmental solutions that serves a wide range of market segments. At the forefront of new technology and manufacturing process development, AFGlobal is a market leader in commercialization of new technology and product introduction. For more information, visit   or via  Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram  |  Twitter  YouTube.

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