AFGlobal Awarded Prestigious Industry Award

Company receives Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Spotlight on New Technology award for Next-Generation Riser Gas Handling System

HOUSTON, TX, May 2, 2016 – AFGlobal Corporation today received the OTC Spotlight on New Technology award for its proprietary Riser Gas Handling (RGH) system. This technology improves traditional drilling efficiencies while helping to mitigate safety concerns and significant risk on deepwater drilling operations. The company was honored at a ceremony held at OTC today, along with 11 other oil and gas product and service providers.

The RGH system features a unique, purpose-built design that offers the simplicity, flexibility, and reliability required for today’s dynamically positioned and moored rigs. The RGH equipment safely circulates gas out of the riser and diverts flow; using real-time monitoring and control, potentially dangerous riser events can be avoided. The system allows mitigation of gas influx through normal means as opposed to unloading the riser, which could mean returning as much as 150K gallons of drilling fluids to the ocean. The RGH system handles retrofit and new build applications using specialty riser joints and equipment-all of which are transparent to rig processes.

The system is unique in the marketplace as the first system fully capable of autonomous operation to control flow distribution without an RCD. To date, the system has been successfully deployed in the GOM, Brazil and Offshore West Africa.

AFGlobal Corporation is a technology and manufacturing specialist providing technology, services and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities to clients around the world. We align well-established precision engineering with game-changing innovation. Our products and services support the oil and gas, general industrial, aerospace and power generation industries, offering a broad range of both highly-engineered and general forged products, as well as complementary aftermarket services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we provide products and services through more than 20 facilities worldwide.

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