AFGlobal Awarded Managed Pressure Drilling Contract

Noble Corporation plc Awarded AFGlobal Contract for Provision of Integrated Deepwater MPD System

HOUSTON, TX, June 28, 2017 — AFGlobal today announced that Noble Corporation plc has awarded AFGlobal a contract for the provision of an integrated deepwater managed pressure drilling (MPD) system.

The scope of the award will culminate in the supply and installation of a completely integrated, next-generation MPD system. The equipment specified is the most advanced of its kind supplied to date by AFGlobal, who is widely recognized as the industry leader in design, manufacture and provision of deepwater MPD systems.

Noble, a long-time technology leader with a young, modern fleet of drilling vessels is dedicated to continuous improvement in the drilling process. Noble recognizes MPD as an important next step forward in that process.

“The addition of MPD systems to our rig fleet will provide a valuable competitive advantage with an expected higher level of safety and performance,” commented Scott Marks, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Noble Corporation plc.

“AFGlobal’s decades of manufacturing experience combined with a deep understanding of pressure management drilling technology has positioned us at the center of MPD adoption and evolution,” stated Mark Mitchell, President – Oil & Gas at AFGlobal. “Working closely with all the stakeholders, we have designed, built, and installed the industry-leading equipment that is enabling a global fleet of MPD-ready rigs. We are proud to be awarded this opportunity by Noble.”

AFGlobal is an oil and gas OEM specializing in technology, products, and services with fully-integrated manufacturing capabilities to clients around the world. We align well-established precision engineering with industry-leading innovation. AFGlobal also offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities with a variety of both highly-engineered and general forged products, as well as complementary aftermarket services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Company delivers value through more than 20 facilities worldwide.

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