Subsea Equipment.

The Widest Range of Solutions Under the Sea.

Subsea oil and gas production requires proficiency in safety, performance, quality and environmental protection. From our Taper-Lok® leak-free, HPHT compact connectors to our complete buoyancy and insulation systems, AFGlobal provides engineered solutions for the deepest, hottest and most corrosive subsea production environments.

Our fabrication and manufacturing capabilities provide our customers with access to a complete line of products, such as:

  • PLETs, PLEMs, & ILSs
  • Manifolds
  • Flowlines / Jumpers
  • Anchor / Suction Piles
  • Mud Mats
  • UTAs
  • Shipping skids and baskets
  • Flow spools
  • Pull in sleds
  • Pressure piping
  • Pressure vessels
  • Guide funnels
  • Drilling templates
  • ROV panels
  • Jumpers
  • BOP and tree frames
  • Hardball™ umbilical floats
  • Taper-Lok® compact flanges