Successful Projects Start Here

For more than two decades, Allpoints Oilfield Services (now part of AFGlobal Corporation) has been a one-stop shop for aftermarket services, repair and new build fabrication. Today, we specialize in subsea and offshore fabrication, clamps, riser repair, coatings and inspection services for a global clientele.

And as market demands and the need for technology support continue to grow, we are growing right along with them. We now provide services to all aspects of the oil and gas production industries, including ASME vessel fabrication and repair, manifolds/PLETs/PLEMs, process pipe, coatings—all the way through to inspection of handling tools.

Whether you need a riser inspected in Australia, subsea manifolds for a West Africa project or coatings suitable for the Gulf of Mexico, AFGlobal is the company to call to ensure success.